“I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.”- David Ogilvy

Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. Many advertisements are designed to generate increased consumption of those products and services anonymous.

Advertising is one of the most important things present in our society today, like an old slogan puts it 'Advertising, your right to choose'. Advertising helps to keep the consumers informed about whatever new products or services are available in the market at their disposal. It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are some of the uses to consumer and potential buyers. The main aim of advertising, many believe is to sell. These are the kind of people who vehemently oppose anything that make advertising seem unethical. Advertising on the whole helps business as well as the economy to prosper and makes the consumer aware of the various choices that are available to him.

Advertising is one of the many marketing tools that are used to attract attention of prospective customers to a business or its products or services. The more the effective advertising campaign the more the customers it draws, and with greater frequency. Advertising is part of the overall marketing strategy of a business, which includes public relations, promotional programs, signage, incentives, newsletters, and word of mouth. The aim of a marketing strategy is to use advertising, along with these other tools, for maximum impact.