• Chairman / Vice-Principal

Chairman's Message

Dr. Ankit Kumar

“Not too long ago we were looking to expand our educational framework into a large forum of learning in the form of an all-inclusive university. Under the hood of the parent organization Marudhara Higher Education and Research Society, we started off committing towards quality education and modern learning, setting up resources and practices that best define our idea of education. Amalgamating all features of the contemporary education system and appointing them with the best of mentoring virtues we own to believe and cater – we have added a defining layer of authority to connect various facets of purpose and execution, by connecting our group of colleges and institutes into one allied pact of education, as the Marudhara College. With the tremendous growth if privatization of Education in India, The major focus of Marudhara College is on creating a platform on quality in knowledge enhancement and bridging the gap between academia and industry. In this prestigious college, my focus will be on innovative research, refining our strategic direction and identifying opportunities for inclusive growth & developments. My students will be future leaders not only in the nation but also the world.” I wish you all the best.

  • President

President's Message

Mr. Sandeep Singh

“It has always been a privilege to head a prominent organization that has such an engrossing golden history of education behind it.And it gives me immense pleasure to discover that the culture and character of learning we have aimed to convey so far has reached out to people quite effectively, making the most of virtues and values we put up with. And this is certainly the reason how a humble thought of imparting quality education that was laid 4 years back translates into a commitment to allow students a comprehensive facility of modern education through Marudhara College. We are working ever-harder and hoping to take this endeavor to meet the best of opportunities and aspirations to keep it ticking with the fine mark of success!”.

  • Director

Director's Message

Mr. Om Prakash

At the outset it is my privilege to introduce Marudhara to you. Over the past few years, we had made stringent hard work to make this institution one of the best and finest education provider. Many students like you have graduated from our college and created countless success in the industry. At Marudhara we pay a great deal of attention towards your career enhancement. We always work hard towards maintaining the high standards for the effective development of the students.